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Saltaire Beer Club 2020 - update

14 Mar 2020

We're refreshing Beer Club...but not too much!

By Paul Huntington, Taproom and Shop Manager

Our famous Saltaire Beer Club is at least 10 years old and we think it needs refreshing. We recently asked for people’s views on it through social media and a whopping 101 people took the time to respond! We had some ideas of our own on what we could do but the responses from our survey show that we don’t need to give it a drastic overhaul, because people love it.  In fact, most of the suggestions match our ideas, although we will need to make some changes to pricing to make sure that this much-loved event is commercially viable, and that we can keep doing it.

So here’s what you can expect in 2020:

  • Seven Beer Clubs over the year in March, April, May, June, July, October and a festive December.
  • A wider choice of beers with more hand pulled ales from a wider variety of brewers.
  • Live acoustic music will be played in the old Brewhouse.
  • Food. Hog roast will remain because it just wouldn’t be a Beer Club without it. Plus guest food stalls.
  • Ladies toilets! Extra ladies toilets because you’ve asked for them.
  • Tickets will be £6 for entry with the usual free drink. All real ale will rise to £2.50 a pint.
  • Tickets available for the Beer Clubs throughout the year on Eventbrite now.
  • To love and enjoy beer club as much as you have before, although sunshine is not guaranteed!

The dates for your diaries in 2020 are:

27 March - cancelled *COVID-19 Update
24 April 
29 May
26 June
31 July
30 October
18 December

For tickets, visit Eventbrite or call in to the Taproom.

See you soon!

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2019 05 31 Saltairebrewery Beerclub 125[1]
2019 05 31 Saltairebrewery Beerclub 31[1]
2019 05 31 Saltairebrewery Beerclub 115[1]