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Cafe Culture at Saltaire Brewery

18 Oct 2019

Hop farm visit inspires new beer

By Adam Findlay

A moment of inspiration lies behind many of our beers, and that's the case with the latest addition to our Coffee Collection series.  It was a trip to this year's annual Hop Walk with Charles Faram at Stock's Farm, Worcester that gave our brewer Elliott Collett a light bulb moment. The result is Café Culture, a delicious 4.6% Mocha Latte Stout.

On his trip, Elliott met Dr Peter Darby, a hop researcher and the public face of Wye Hops Ltd, a subsidiary of the British Hop Association. Peter and Elliott had plenty to talk about but the spark was the intricate art of hop breeding, a subject Peter is famous for; he is responsible for several strains of hops commonly found across the country. Hops such as Admiral, First Gold, Sovereign were all bred first by Peter, but these are not the strains that excited Elliott’s creativity. It is Phoenix, a hop known for its fresh and rich bittering characteristics, perfect for blending with coffee flavours. But it was another of its characteristics, chocolate, that was the trigger for Elliott's thinking and what lies at the heart of Café Culture.

Inspired by the famous mocha coffee, led by our Beer Done Right attitude, and in collaboration with Bradford company Casa Espresso, Café Culture is a single hopped 4.6% stout infused with the highest quality coffee and chocolate. Full of rich coffee decadence, it has a creamy balanced body from the introduction of lactose and the sweetness of chocolate. Café Culture is perfect for the winter evenings and we think you are going to love it.

Café Culture is available now. Trade customers, to find out more or to place an order please call our sales team on 01274 594959, email, or speak to your local representative. 

Elliott And Peter Darby
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