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Saltaire becomes Northern Powerhouse Export Champion

28 Feb 2019

We're taking our beer abroad

Saltaire Brewery's sales & logistics director, Nick Helliwell, has been chosen as a Department for International Trade (DIT) Northern Powerhouse Export Champion for 2019. There are more than 30,000 businesses in the region exporting their goods and services, and leaders from only 125 of those companies have been chosen to join this community.

"We've been exporting our beers for many years, but over the last twelve months sales have accelerated outside the UK. And last summer, we agreed a partnership with Sovereign Beverage Company, the biggest independent exporter of beer from the UK," said Nick.

Blackburn based Sovereign has distribution relationships in more than 70 countries worldwide, and adding Saltaire Brewery to their portfolio has instantly boosted international trade. In the last six months alone, exports have begun to ten new countries, more than quadrupling sales. Our beer has proved particularly popular in Scandinavia, Eastern and Southern Europe, and now Japan. With Sovereign’s support, the pipeline looks strong, and we look forward to significant growth in this area over the coming months and years.

Nick was chosen for his Export Champion role because of his engagement with the DIT export community, his collaboration with partners inside and outside the UK, his participation in foreign trade missions, and the growth in Saltaire Brewery’s exports.

Nick added: "I'm dedicated to growing the Brewery’s exports, and committed to helping other companies in the Northern Powerhouse do the same. This position is granted twelve months at a time, and we are hoping it continues for many years.”