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Harbor Lights - a shining collaboration

5 Dec 2019

Our latest collaboration brew

By Adam Findlay, Sales Account Manager

New England, on the east coast of the United States of America, is famous within the beer community as the hub for big flavour and forward-thinking attitudes. It’s also the inspiration for our latest collaboration, this time with Vocation Brewery.

We looked a lot closer to home for friends to brew a new and exciting East Coast inspired beer with since the summer’s success of Have a Nice Day, a juicy East Coast IPA and our fastest selling keg beer ever (Read the full story). ‘Have a Nice Day’ was our first beer inspired by the Department of International Trade sponsored trade mission to Maine that Nick Helliwell, our Sales director, went on at the end of last year. The mission was aimed at helping UK breweries strike up relationships with US breweries, and Have a Nice Day, a collaboration brew with Lone Pine Brewery, Maine, USA, proved its worth.

Vocation Brewery is famous for their forward-thinking brews such as Pride & Joy, and Life & Death, and were also part of the of last year’s trade mission. Their team was just as excited as us to create a beer to celebrate our East Coast experience. After some deep, meaningful discussions between Head Brewer, Matt Howgate and Richard Stenson from Vocation and our own team, including Nick Helliwell, Chris Hall and myself, responsibly undertaken over tasty New England beers, we decided that something dark and full bodied would be the way to go.

The result is ‘Harbor Lights’, a New England Oatmeal Stout boasting a hearty ABV of 5.9% and fermented with the famous New England yeast, Vermont. Built on a backbone of dark malts and a heavy oat presence, this beer oozes a warm roasted body and creamy mouthfeel. New World hop additions of Galaxy and Ekuanot used in the boil and indeed dry hopping give the beer a wintery spiced aroma, delicate dark fruit flavours and a large decadent coffee lingering finish.

If you’re in the trade and want to order, please give us a call on 01274 594959 or speak to your local representative for pricing and delivery information. Want to know if it’s in your local? Go to our Beer Finder to see who has our beers.

Harbor Lights Pump Clip
Matt Howgate From Vocation
Harbour Lights Brew Team Including Matt Howgate From Vocation
Chocolate Malt For Harbour Lights