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Have A Nice Day!

27 Jun 2019

Our first international collaboration brew

By Nick Helliwell, Sales and Logistics Director

New England, USA is a centre of excellence when it comes to craft beer, rapidly becoming the benchmark by which fresh, juicy IPAs are judged. I had the chance to check out this reputation for myself during a trip to Maine as part of the Northern Powerhouse trade mission at the end of 2018.

While I was there I met Tom Madden, founder and head brewer of Lone Pine Brewing in Gorham, near Portland. Lone Pine is one of USA’s fastest growing craft breweries and it became clear that our breweries are similar in size, outlook and ambition. In fact, we got on so well that when an opportunity to work together on a project came up we jumped at the chance!

Tom and his colleague Ben Moore, made the return trip to Yorkshire in May. We enjoyed a fantastic week in each other’s company, travelling around the county visiting other local breweries that had also taken part in the trade mission to Maine last year. We also went to a Science of Brewing conference in York and toured a maltster in Castleford, one of Lone Pine’s UK suppliers. But the highlight of the week was brewing a beer together, a signature fresh, hazy New England pale ale blending both breweries’ experience, skills and know-how, and ingredients from both sides of the Atlantic.

The beer, called ‘Have A Nice Day!” was brewed on the same day in both Saltaire and Gorham, is branded as both breweries. Why is it called ‘Have A Nice Day!’? Because the weather was so good for Tom and Ben’s visit that they got to see Yorkshire and its countryside at its best – the blue skies and green dales were especially impressive, and because it is one of America’s most famous expressions – as anyone who has ever visited the USA can confirm.

‘Have A Nice Day!’ is a 5.5%, hazy New England pale ale that combines New World hopping techniques with heritage UK malts and yeast that originally inspired the style. We have just released it simultaneously into the US and UK markets in keg and 440ml cans.

As our first international collaboration we couldn't be more pleased with it, and would like to do more with like-minded breweries in the UK and overseas. Any breweries interested in working with us should get in touch!

We’d love you to try it and let us know what you think! Production was limited - call our Sales Office to order kegs and cans for trade and to check availability. It is also available from our Tap Room shop while stock lasts.

***News update - 02/07/19***

Have A Nice Day is now our fastest selling keg beer ever! We sold all the kegs within a single day. Check our Beer Finder for pubs and bars that stock our beers. If planning a visit to try the beer, please call ahead to the venue you have in mind, and check that it's in stock and on the bar - to avoid disappointment. Cans are still available to buy from the Brewery or our Tap Room.

Have A Nice Day - Saltaire's fastest selling kegged beer ever!

Have A Nice Day - Saltaire's fastest selling kegged beer ever!

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