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Contract Brewing and Packaging

Saltaire Brewery is an independent UK brewery committed to creating delicious, high quality beers with real character! And we're a SALSA plus Beer accredited brewer and packager with the capacity, commitment and experience to help other breweries grow. Talk to us about how we can help.

Beer. Done. Right.

Our packaging plant opened in November 2018. We know how handling beer at all stages from brewing through to distribution affects a drinker's experience of the final product.

Our experience and capacity means we can help other brewers meet their customers' needs. We can be extremely flexible. You can choose an end-to-end service from brewing to packaging, or any part of the process - even recipe development.

We can handle up to 45,000 litres in a single batch for bottling or kegging, and to your specifications. We'll work with you to make sure that our service is right for you.

Your finished beer can be returned as soon as it's done or we can warehouse it for you.

Want to talk to us? Then get in touch!

T: 01274 594959

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Laboratory testing

We understand that your beer needs to meet your specifications, for you to meet your customers' expectations. We'll take care of it, and test it during its journey through our brewery and packaging plant to make sure it does. You'll get a report to show you the tests that we did and the results.

Contract brewing

Our brewing team has years of experience brewing and developing our beers. We don't compromise on quality. We do it the Saltaire way. And it wins awards. We also enjoy working with others. We love sharing knowledge and experience with our brewer friends, from collaborations to contract brewing. Get in touch to talk to us about working together.

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Events & Tours

Upcoming events at the Brewery and Tap Room.

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